Every Woman Must Overcome in Her Life

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In this current era of spiritual darkness, faithlessness and broken dreams, girls have to face many struggles from the day they are born and arrive on this planet. Whether it’s a battle against the breast cancer, or giving birth to kids, or facing the harsh circumstances at the office, the 21st-century woman has to face challenges on a daily basis. A magnificent woman is the one who emerges out of the difficulties with a stronger faith. Once the day starts, getting up brings many issues for girls to test their character.

Issues Women Have To Face in America & Worldwide
Women of this nuclear age are much wiser and smarter than they used to be a couple of centuries ago. They’ve improved their overall lifestyle and progressed in many fields, but still some challenges they feel are daunting. Around the world, the girls and women have to face many annoyances and challenges in their lifetime. They suffer due to a variety of reasons, whether it’s a problem of sickness, poverty difficulty, death of parents of siblings, lack of economic opportunity, divorce, losing weight, Animal Control Services, broken relationships, insufficient health, sexual abuse, injustice in the workplace or racial discrimination, the females in each society have to confront their struggles and fight daily.

An intelligent woman must manage her time wisely, she must do a million things in 24 hours before she can finally take rest in her bed.

The adorable little baby girl has to live her life the moment her school starts. Becoming successful in her school instruction is a challenge for every girl, not a lot of girls could attain high grades and some even drop out of school for not focusing on their research. They’re compassionate and energetic in nature. In the early age, they dream about their life, partner, their kids, their livelihood and what lies ahead in the future.

In the quest to make life meaningful, some women have to fight addictions like drugs, alcohol or even sex addiction. When she grows up, her body experiences many hormonal changes, she feels different between age 12 and 19. This is when she feels the need for her soul mate as well. The burden of education grows, as well as the stress of being a teenager, competing with other girls is not easy for every girl in the world. After graduating, she has to get a job so as to support their loved ones and save for her own future.

Staying alive is the largest battle women have to face in the absence of a man. Having Enough money for the family and kids and dealing with single parenthood is never easy.
Finding something constructive to do in their own lives and shine in their careers is the toughest thing for every woman in life. If they cannot find their passion, they can’t make life meaningful.
Raising Children, providing them proper education and decent advice is an uphill task for a woman. It is even difficult for the rural women than women who live in big cities. Paying for husband’s illness and bills, demands courage and self-belief.
Women have a major communication issue in a male-dominated world, they are seriously underpaid due to their weakness of communication skills.
Facing the health issues, illnesses during childhood, middle age and in older age is always hard for women. Breast cancer and heart attack are killing countless girls daily in the world. Getting older is a challenge when their body catches diseases.
Seeking to hold on to a 9 to 5 job and then take care of the family is never simple, this is the God-given greatness and bravery in girls which enable them for making the ends meet
Maintaining their individuality and honoring themselves is a struggle for making strong relationships with peers, parents, bosses and friends. They have to manage sexual harassment at the offices and correct themselves as a feminine in the manly world.
Balancing her functions as a daughter, mother, sister and wife is a challenge itself for every woman. Especially, the American woman is deeply concerned about money, time management, and family health problems nowadays. 26% women in the usa are stressed out due to their financial difficulties and high taxes.
The mother nature has chosen women to give brightness to their kids, every woman has to go through a difficult time of pregnancy and giving birth to kids. Some of them, unfortunately, lose their struggle of life due to childbirth complications.
The Conclusion: The battles can be blessings
International Women’s day is a fantastic occasion to commemorate women’s accomplishments. Women still need to go a long way to live a richer, brighter and happier life in many parts of the world. They will need to raise their voice and recognize their unbelievable potential to stand in line with the men. The beauty that comes to the battles of life is that there are hidden blessings in every issue. Women should choose to look at these struggles in a positive perspective so that they can achieve good things in life and find the God’s paradise that’s in store for them.

“It’s Tough to be a woman, you have to think like a man, act like a woman, seem like a young girl and work like a horse”

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